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An energy label for your home shows how energy efficient your home is, and this is meant to encourage energy-saving measures. An energy label has been mandatory since Jan. 1, 2021, when selling or renting a home and is valid for 10 years. Homekeur BV obviously works with qualified consultants who can provide you with energy label for your home in accordance with the BRL9500 certificate.

Nationwide network of energy label consultants!

With a nationwide network of consultants, we perform energy label inspections throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis. Our consultants are all qualified and are under constant quality control to provide you with the right energy label for you at all times.

Cost of energy label for homes

To prepare a housing label, an inspector comes on site. An appointment will be made with you for this by our planning department. 1 hour is scheduled for the inspection and recording of all data, depending on the size of the house, sometimes a little more or less time is needed. No settlement will follow for more or less time spent. After the inspection, you will quickly receive the energy label.

For the recording of a house label at your location for homes up to 190 m2 usable area (which is about 500 m3 content) you pay at Homekeur only € 349, – including VAT for an energy label! The surcharge per additional 1 m² is €0.65.

Why request a home energy label from Homekeur?

Want to apply for an energy label for your home? Then you have come to the right place at Homekeur! Our advantages:

Homekeur's method of determining an energy label

After applying for an energy label, an appointment will be made for an inspection by one of our inspectors. Depending on the size of the home, this inspection takes about 1 hour. No settlement follows in the event of a longer time commitment.

Among other things, the inspector will look at the insulation, heating and ventilation present. After the home is inspected, the inspector will process all findings and pass them into the software. You will then receive an energy performance certificate along with the house label.

What does an energy label cost at Homekeur?

For an energy label for your home you pay only €349,- including VAT at Homekeur! This price applies to homes up to 190 m2 (which is about 500 m3) of capacity.

How long is a home energy label valid?

An energy label for your home is valid for 10 years. If this deadline has passed, the energy label will have to be determined again when the home is sold/rented. Do you want to apply for your home’s energy label? Then contact us!

Recognized expert home energy label

To determine your home’s energy label, you are required to hire a qualified and licensed consultant. This consultant will visit the home and carefully walk through it using a comprehensive checklist to ultimately determine your home’s energy label. Considerations include the insulation, heating and ventilation present.

These are important factors to consider when preparing an energy label for your home. After the property has been inspected, all findings are processed and calculated into the software and you as the property owner will receive an energy performance certificate and energy label. If desired, we also prepare a comprehensive customization recommendation to make the home more energy efficient. Your home now has a certified energy label.

BRL 9500 and NTA 8800 energy label

As of Jan. 1, 2021, companies performing energy labeling must be certified according to the new BRL 9500. This BRL follows from the NTA 8800, this NTA 8800 is the calculation method and methodology to determine the energy performance of a building and be allowed to issue a certified energy label. As of Jan. 1, 2021, therefore, only house labels can be requested and prepared based on NTA 8800. This is done by an energy performance consultant (EP consultant), who is qualified to do so and works for a certified company/organization (in accordance with BRL 9500). The EP consultant prepares the energy label based on an on-site building survey and registers the house label in the national registration database EP-online.

Price terms

Included in the price:

  • Inspection including reporting according to NTA 8800 and BRL 9500
  • Includes registration RFO, government.
  • Includes travel expenses
  • No additional costs.
  • For homes with a maximum volume of 500 m3

Optional additional charge:

  • For homes up to 190m2 (about 500m3) of house volume at an Energy Label.
  • Surcharge per 1m2 is €0.65 incl. VAT (if not specified correctly this will still be charged).

Other provisions:

  • Extra charge for inspection on wadden islands € 150,-