We help people moving with all services in and around the house such as : energy, internet, TV, water, mobile, solar panels, heat pumps, insulation and insurance.

Energy Power & gas

The most competitive rates, flexibility and maximum security with the best providers.

Online immediately arrange power and gas for your new home. A competitive deal and immediately everything settled before you get the key.

You can choose from long-term contracts or a flexible contract which can be terminated monthly. IJisberg Real Estate always offers green power.

Internet, TV & calling

The best deal with the best providers for Internet, landline and television.

There are many choices among different Internet providers. Easily compare on download speed and price. A high-speed connection for your new home.

HoReSa quickly arranges a reliable Internet connection for your new home.


Protect your home with the right insurance policies against storm, fire, water and theft damage. Good coverage with a competitive premium.

Powered by European Insurance BV. Easily arrange all insurance to protect your home from storm, fire, water and theft damage.

Through our partner European Insurance, you can arrange liability insurance, household insurance, home insurance and even your car insurance.


The lowest cost, maximum flexibility and security with a Sim Only subscription

Everyone knows that a new phone with a subscription is installment purchase.

Choose a cheap sim only subscription and save hundreds of euros per year.

Choose a sim only subscription which is even cancelable monthly.


The water supplier is tied to the region where your new home is located. HoReSa regulates your water at no charge.

Arrange water for your new home easily and free of charge through IJisberg Real Estate’s website.

You cannot choose from a water supplier this is tied to the region where you live.